Why I did not work on my fitness (Even though I badly want to)

Aarti Sharma
2 min readFeb 9, 2024
Photo by Carl Barcelo on Unsplash

How do you see yourself after 5–7 years?

Whenever someone asks me this question, the first thing that comes to my mind is, I see myself as a physically strong, healthy and fit being. The next few things are the ones that revolve around physical fitness.Trekking, Part-time yoga instructor, dancing, follower of a vegan healthy diet, a hobby football player.

Only after I’ve initial pointers around health & fitness do I jump to things like completing MBA from top B-school, paying off student loan, my own startup (either around health or education), travel different places, earning x amount of money, etc

Horse-riding, boxing, mountain climbing, completing a marathon are some of the top things in my wishlist.

And this is not another flighty thought. I’ve had this idea of an ideal life since forever. The concept of a healthy lifestyle being an integral part of a fulfilling life is hard-coded in my neurological system.

Yet, I never worked on it.

Seriously, never been consistent with my health goals, diet plans or fitness regime.

Being a kid, I told myself that I don’t have the freedom and control over my routine and once I grow up I’ll have that. When I entered college and started living in Delhi, I told myself that I don’t have the time and money to invest in my health (Honestly, I really didn’t have extra pennies for health). So I focused on skill building via internships and extracurriculars. Luckily, I did land on a decent job in Gurugram.

8 months into the job, I recall 2 failed attempts at gym/daily physical exercise and 1 failed attempt at cooking my own food.

I’ve given up on the food part, tbh. It’s just too much work. phew!

And the physical exercise bit, guess I can’t give up too easily. I’m preparing for another attempt as I write this.

This time I’ve decided to go with a sport rather than gym. Maybe social interaction makes it fun. Games are fun anyways, so I’m hoping this time I might be able to do it consistently. Long enough to see some results, long enough that I can no longer discontinue it.

So yes, next week your girl is going for free trial classes in every sports academy in her vicinity. And by next to next week, I’ll narrow down on the 1 that best serves my purpose.

Will keep you posted on this fitness journey, till then, wish me luck!

Photo by 炫铭 on Unsplash